New Industrial Trades and Agriscience Center

  • Status:

    • Agriscience Center Building - Completed
    • New Industrial Trades KCAL Building Addition - Under Construction

    Construction Budget

    • Agriscience Center Building - $8,640,372.21
    • New Industrial Trades KCAL Building Addition - $17,630,000.00

    Completion Dates:

    • Agriscience Center Building - Spring 2022
    • New Industrial Trades KCAL Building Addition - Spring 2023

    This project will extend and provide additional career and technical education learning spaces in which to train and prepare students for careers in various trade industries. The additional space will include a laboratory, shop, and research space for the agriscience programs, as well as provide emerging technologies, transportation and logistics, and construction trade programming related to mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. 

    The original plan to locate the new building on the District-owned property adjacent to Golden Triangle was changed to the agriscience building being constructed on the District-owned property behind Trinity Meadows Intermediate School and Trinity Springs Middle School, while the industrial trades and transportation and logistics buildings will be built as additions on to the existing Keller Center for Advanced Learning (KCAL) campus. 

    April 2023 Update

    Agriscience Center Building

    Front of new agriscience learning center.Inside pens at agriscience learning center.Back of agriscience learning center.

    KCAL Industrial Trades Building Addition

    Framing at Keller Center for Advance Learning.Insulation on framing at Keller Center for Advance Learning.Brick being placed at Keller Center for Advanced Learning.

    January 2023 Update

    Agriscience Center Building

    Aerial view of Agriscience Learning CenterInternal view of Agriscience Learning Center barn areasAnimal pins inside of Agriscience Learning Center.

    KCAL Industrial Trades Building Addition

    External view of KCAL renovations and additions under construction.Internal view of KCAL under construction.Aerial view of KCAL building and parking lot.

    March 2022 Update

    Agriscience Center Building: The construction plans for the Agriscience Center building were completed in the spring of 2021. Due to market conditions and anticipated supply chain challenges, KISD Administration proposed to bid the steel portion of the project as an alternate to the Indoor Extra-Curricular Program Facilities projects to get the steel ordered for the project. The remaining portion of the project was bid in the summer of 2021 and was awarded in July of that year. The plans were submitted to the City of Fort Worth, and the building permit was released for construction on September 21, 2021. The contractor mobilized and began work on the site in October 2021. A significant amount of the front drive that ties into North Beach Street has been poured, as has the foundation for the Agriscience Center building. The steel material for the structure is to be delivered in April 2022. This building is scheduled to be completed in the fall of 2022. 

    Foundation work on new ag science center Construction of asphalt drive leading to new agriculture center site

    KCAL Industrial Trades Building Addition: The Industrial Trades Building Addition project is proposed to be completed in several phases. The first phase of the project is to complete a new parking lot that will accommodate the additional enrollment that is anticipated with the new Industrial Trades programs being added to the school. Due to the location of the new parking lot and the topography of the property, additional storm water detention infrastructure is required. The new parking lot area being completed in the first phase of the project allows for supplemental parking and material storage areas that will be needed for the second phase of the project, when the new Industrial Trades addition building is being built. The parking lot project was bid early in the fall of 2021 and awarded to Cole Construction on September 27, 2021. In the same general timeframe, the plans were submitted to the City of Keller for the building permit. A grading permit was released by the city in November 2021 that allowed construction to begin on the parking lot project. To accommodate the new parking lot, significant dirtwork had to be done and large amounts of dirt had to be removed from the property. That work has taken place over the last three months. The contractor has also completed the concrete retaining walls and detention infrastructure for this phase of the project. The contractor is in the process of forming and pouring the new parking lot and will be installing the irrigation and landscaping portions of the project this next month, as well. 

    Construction on retaining walls alongside new KCAL parking lot

    The building addition project was bid in the fall of 2021 and was awarded to Reeder Construction on November 15. The civil plans for the building addition project were submitted to the City of Keller after the parking lot permit was formally released in December 2021. The building addition project has been in the plan and permit review process since that time. The District is planning for the building addition contractor to mobilize on the site in April 2022 and begin construction of utilities for the building addition within the next five to six weeks following. The overall project is anticipated to be completed in the spring of 2023.    

    Site plan layout for KCAL additions