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    The Department of Personalized Learning Opportunities seeks to provide choice regarding place, time, pace, and path with considerations for the unique needs and goals of each student. Our multi-faceted approach allows us to provide support to multiple departments in the district.

    The KISD iChoose Virtual Learning program is designed to address the needs of students by providing opportunities for students to complete foundation courses in CTE pathways, accelerate completion of language acquisition courses, pursue their interests during the school day, and prepare them for success in online coursework as they continue their education past high school. 

    Facilitated Virtual (Grades 7-12): includes an in-class, certified mentor/facilitator with a remote Keller ISD teacher who is certified in the content area.

    Virtual (Grades 8-12): students are able to have control over place and time with courses that are available to them 24/7 with a remote Keller ISD teacher who is certified in the content area. Courses are offered in 9-week accelerated sessions in early spring and 6-week accelerated sessions in late spring and summer. Click here for 2019-20 sessions.

    Blended (Grades 11-12): student receives both online and traditional instruction. Student must attend class three times per week, with flex time the remaining two days of the week. Flex time can be used for small group instruction, tutoring, and remediation.

    Accelerated (Grades 3-8): student remains with their current grade cohort while pursuing content above grade level. In addition to a traditional model, options include virtual and remote learning models. For more information, see the Advanced Academics page.


    Current offerings in Blended and Virtual coursework include:

    Core * CTE Language Blended Instruction
    English I Entrepreneurship (1 credit) French I and II English IV, AP English Lit
    English IV Lifetime Nutrition and Wellness (.5 credit) German I and II  English III
    World Geography Personal Financial Literacy (.5 credit) Spanish I and II  U.S. History
    Government Sociology (.5 credit) Latin I and II AP U.S. History
    Economics Professional Communications (.5 credit)  Discovering Languages and Culture (Middle School .5 credit)  
    Environmental Systems Touch System Data Entry (.5 credit)    
    Earth and Space Science Technology Applications (Middle School .5 credit)    
    Algebra I Automotive Basics    
    Geometry  Discovering Languages and Culture (Middle School .5 credit)    

    * Core content is available online during the 2020-2021 school year for special programs only, including the iChoose program at KCAL and the iChoose program at Timber Creek High School. Enrollment for these programs is currently open. Available core classes will be posted in the 2020-2021 course catalog for enrollment when available.

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