• Keller ISD Letterland

    Virtual Letterland Day

    Why Letterland? Why phonics?

    Reading and writing are complex skills that take years to fully master. In order for learners to comprehend and create text, we must build the foundation of both reading and writing.  Letterland provides a multisensory, explicit, and systmeatic approach to teaching reading, writing, and spelling for students in PreK-2nd grade. Through this instrution, students learn the relationship between letters and sounds and develop a firm understanding of the alphabetic principle in the English language system.  Learners travel to Letterland and work on sounds, shapes, word building, reading, and writing. The use of lively characters and their simple stories bring plain letters to life while helping children understand the dry facts of phonics/spelling. Letterland was developed over 50 years ago to support all students in learning these most important, foundational skills. 


  •       Letterland Phonics Online

       K-2 students go to your Backpack, click on ELA, then click on Letterland Online.          




    Letterland Official Website Want more ideas?  Check out the official Letterland website.