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KISD High School Students Recognized as National Cyber Scholars

Six KISD high school students were recognized as National Cyber Scholars in the National Cyber Scholarship Competition (NCSC), a rigorous 48-hour online competition sponsored by the National Cyber Security Foundation (NCSF).

National Cyber Scholars are the highest scoring students who meet the eligibility criteria for a scholarship. As part of this honor, they receive a digital Scholar badge and are invited this summer to attend the Cyber Foundations Academy, a multi-week training and certification course based on the nationally-recognized SANS Foundation. National Cyber Security Scholar logo

The KISD students are:

  • Hadi Shahzad - Keller Center for Advanced Learning
  • Hannah Nikkel - Keller Center for Advanced Learning
  • Student wished to be unnamed - Fossil Ridge High School
  • Hayden Sangosina - Keller Center for Advanced Learning
  • Biraj Ghaley - Keller Center for Advanced Learning
  • Harshvardhan Singh - Keller High School

Cybersecurity Courses in KISD
Cybersecurity is one of the world’s fastest growing industries. KISD students can enroll in Cybersecurity courses offered at the Keller Center for Advanced Learning (KCAL). In these courses, students receive broad exposure to diverse aspects of digital and information security, digital forensics, Linux, Python Programming, as well as algorithmic and computational thinking, while also practicing good digital citizenship and ethical behavior. KCAL students learn collaboration strategies, different computer systems, network systems, hacker exploitations, and how to prevent or minimize cyber attacks. To learn more, please visit KCAL's Cybersecurity webpage.

About the National Cyber Scholarship Foundation
The National Cyber Scholarship Foundation is a national nonprofit which works to address the current cyber skills shortage by developing and championing the next generation of cybersecurity professionals. Their mission is to rapidly eliminate the cybersecurity expert skills gap in the United States by providing scholarships for students with an innate talent for cybersecurity to study the discipline at the highest level. For more information on the National Cyber Scholarship program, please visit their website.