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    Cybersecurity is an increasingly in-demand field of computer science and Keller Center for Advanced Learning (KCAL).  KCAL cybersecurity courses connect students to cybersecurity educational and career paths. It provides broad exposure to diverse aspects of digital and information security, digital forensics, Linux, Python Programming, as well as algorithmic and computational thinking while encouraging students to practice good digital citizenship and ethical behavior. Scholars learn collaboration strategies, different computer systems, network systems, hacker exploitations, and how to prevent or minimize cyber attacks.




    Matthew Pitner
    Digital Electronics   I    Digital Electronics Honors    I   Digital Forensics   I   Cybersecurity Capstone
    Matt Pitner is new to KCAL but has been teaching since 2004.  He loves teaching programming through his AP Computer Science A class as well as his 1st year programming class.  He also enjoys teaching a section of Computer Maintenance that supports our Cybersecurity pathway.  He basically just loves teaching and all things technology.

    Amy Jingwei Fu


    Foundation of Cybersecurity I Computer Science Essential I Cybersecurity Practicum


    Amy Fu teaches part of Cybersecurity pathway at KCAL. She graduated from Texas Christian University and UNT Health Science Center with M.S. degrees in Science and Biomedical Science. Ms. Fu has taught STEM for the past 11 years in post-secondary and secondary school. She has taught Computer Science and mathematics for the past 4 years. She enjoys swimming, hiking, reading, learning and teaching technology.