Core Documents

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    5 Over 5
    Five Areas of Focus for the next Five Years: 

    • Impactful Instruction 
    • Efficient Processes & Systems
    • Engagement for All
    • Communication that Drives Clarity 
    • Financial Transparency & Responsibility 

    Our Vision
    Cultivating Learners. Inspiring Leaders. Building a Community of Excellence.

    Our Mission
    Keller ISD will educate students to achieve, inspire them to dream, and challenge them to grow, so that they are prepared to be productive members of the community in which they learn, live, and work.

    We Believe... 

    • Mutual respect and dignity build unity. 
    • Relationships are the foundation for helping students learn, grow, and dream. 
    • Engagement happens with opportunities for problem solving and critical thinking. 
    • Safety and security inspire trust and the confidence to thrive. 
    • Valuing the voice and feedback of personnel ensures the retention and recruitment of exceptional staff. 
    • Collaboration and communication encourage community support and involvement. 

    Strategic Objectives

    • Teacher Recruitment and Retention 
    • Teaching that Focuses on Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
    • Communication, Respect, and Dignity


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