Core Documents

  • Logo: "Keller ISD Intentionally Exceptional"

    Our Vision
    KISD – an exceptional district in which to learn, work and live.

    Our Mission
    The community of Keller ISD will educate our students to achieve their highest standards of performance by engaging them in exceptional opportunities.

    Our Priorities

    • Increase Student Achievement
    • Excellence in Student, Parent and Community Relations
    • Excellence in Processes and Systems
    • Employee Excellence and Organizational Improvement
    • Excellence in Financial Stewardship

    We Value

    • Relationships as the foundation for how we teach, learn, work, and play together in a safe, engaging, and caring way;
    • Care for our teachers because the impact of their work prepares students for their future;
    • Passionate teaching dedicated to content and craft that inspires others;
    • Exploration and the pursuit of one’s passion that leads to personal growth;
    • Communication and collaboration that strengthens our unity;
    • Respect for the diversity of our school community through a culture of understanding and personalized learning opportunities.

    Our Core Functions

    • Business
    • Finance
    • Educational Support
    • Governance
    • Media Services
    • Technology
    • Workforce 


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