2024-25 Returning Student Registration

  • Returning Student Registration for the 2024-25 school year will open in July 2024. 

    Who qualifies as a returning student? 
    A student who is enrolled at any Keller ISD campus on the last day of school and intends to return to Keller ISD at the beginning of the next school year is considered a returning student. 

    Each returning student will be issued a Snapcode that is required to register. Snapcodes will be emailed to the person listed as the primary guardian for each student and delivered in the following order: 

    • July 8: Fossil Ridge High School Feeder Pattern (including Keller Collegiate Academy)
    • July 9: Keller High School Feeder Pattern (including Keller Compass Center)
    • July 10: Timber Creek High School Feeder Pattern (including Ridgeview ES)
    • July 11: Central High School Feeder Pattern (including ELC North and ELC South)

    All returning students are required to complete registration prior to the first day of school on August 14, 2024.