Summer Intervention Program

  • Online Acceleration (High School) 

    Keller ISD offers several opportunities for students to accelerate their course work and/or to receive college credit. For more information:

    Dual Credit

    High School Credit

    Many other courses are available through Texas Virtual School Network (TxVSN). The fee for these courses vary, depending on the subject and provider. A listing of courses available can be viewed at Any registrations for TxVSN should be done through the Keller ISD Virtual Learning Department ( All fees for TxVSN courses must be paid through the Keller ISD Web Store prior to registration. 


    Credit Recovery (High School) 

    Students are allowed the opportunity to recover credit for courses that they have previously taken by completing the course through the Edgenuity computer curriculum. The coursework is self-paced and completed by the student independently with access to a virtual certified instructor to assist each student through the curriculum. Taking these courses does not guarantee credit. These courses are challenging and it is always our recommendation that if a student did not grasp the basic concepts, that they retake the course during the school year. Grades in credit recovery are awarded in the form of a P or F. Students can complete up to two full credits, if time allows.

    Please note: Any credits earned via the Edgenuity credit recovery curriculum will not meet eligibility guidelines for students wishing to compete in NCAA athletics in college. See your counselor for additional information.

    High School Credit Recovery May 27-July 1
    Algebra 1 (A & B) | Algebra 2 (A & B) | Geometry (A & B) | Algebraic Reasoning (A & B) | Precalculus (A & B)
    Biology (A & B) | Chemistry (A & B) | Physics (A & B) | Environmental Systems (A & B) | Adv. Quant. Reasoning (A & B)
    World Geography (A & B) | World History (A & B) | US History (A & B) | Government | Economics
    English 1 (A & B) | English 2 (A & B) | English 3 (A & B) | English 4 (A & B)
    Spanish I (A & B) | Spanish II (A & B)

    High School Summer Registration will occur online through the KISD Web Store. Students who are unable to register at home should contact their campus counselor for assistance. 

    Students will: 

    • Be assigned a virtual teacher monitor 
    • Complete one semester course at a time (additional courses are possible) 
    • Contract virtual monitor when there is a concern or question 
    • Complete all coursework independently up to the final exam 
    • Have weekly check-ins by the virtual monitor 

    All coursework must be completed prior to final exam

    Final Exam Schedule 
    June 29-July 1
    8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. at Fossil Ridge High School 
    Busing from home campus will be available
    (location contingent on COVID-19 restrictions at the time) 

    High School Credit Recovery Registration Worksheet 

    Instructions for Registering for Summer Credit Recovery