AVID Elementary

  • AVID elementary focuses on grades kindergarten through six and is designed to be embedded into the daily instruction of elementary classrooms across entire grade levels to maintain schoolwide structures.

    Key Components of AVID Elementary

    1. Student Success Skills: Habits, behaviors, strategies that students learn, strengthen, and maintain throughout their academic careers
    2. Learning to: Write, Inquire, Collaborate, Organize, Read
    3. Partnerships for life-long success: Building community in the classroom and grade level

    Empowering students in an AVID elementary classroom:

    • Student confidence and self-pride
    • Student awareness of strengths and areas for growth
    • Culture of high expectations
    • Set, monitor, and celebrate individual, group, and classroom goals

    Keller ISD AVID Elementary Campuses: 

    Basswood Elementary
    Bluebonnet Elementary
    Heritage Elementary
    North Riverside Elementary
    Parkview Elementary
    Sunset Valley Elementary