• Bowling is among the most popular sports in Special Olympics Texas. It is a particularly beneficial sport to people with intellectual disabilities, irrespective of their age or sports abilities, since it ensures physical exercise and at the same time participation and social integration. Plus, it's great fun!

    Special Olympics Texas Bowling allows for the use of bowling ball ramps by athletes who do not have the physical ability to roll a ball with their hand or hands. Bumpers are not allowed for Special Olympics Texas competition.

    For questions about KISD Special Olympics Bowling, contact Jennifer Guess -


  • Do I need to attend practices in order to participate in bowling or can I just show up for competition?

  • When and where are bowling practices held?

  • What are the requirements to be eligible for Area competition?

  • How are athletes arranged in groups for competition?

  • Will I need to provide equipment or fees for my athlete, such as lane fees, bowling ball or bowling shoes or ramp?

  • Will transportation be provided to Area bowling competitions?