• Basketball is a favorite sport among Keller ISD Special Olympics Texas. The sport encompasses athletes of all abilities from ages 8-22. Athletes do not have to demonstrate proficiency in skills; coaches will assist them in learning the skills and make modifications as necessary.

    KISD special olympics basketball players complete in a tournament Athletes can participate in one of three basketball activities: Individual Skills, Modified Individual Skills, or 5-on-5 team play.

    Individual Skills competition allows Special Olympics Texas athletes to develop sports skills in a competitive format designed to serve as a stepping stone to team competition. The individual skills offered for basketball are: 10-Meter Dribble or Speed Dribble; Six-Spot Shooting; and Wall Pass and Catch.                                                

    Modified Individual Skills include Shooting, Passing, and Dribbling skills that are adapted to meet the needs of the athlete.                                       

    5-on-5 Traditional Team competition is played following traditional basketball rules. Each team consists of 10-12 players who rotate playing time during the four quarters of the game.                                        


    For questions about KISD Special Olympics Basketball, please contact Jennifer Guess at


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