New Student Enrollment 2018-19

  • Welcome to the Keller Independent School District! Parents of students not currently enrolled in Keller ISD, need to bring the following items with them to registration at their home campus:

    • Parent Identification (Valid Photo ID) 
    • Student Identification (One of the following options: Birth Certificate, Passport, Adoption Records, School ID Card, Hospital Birth Record, Church Baptismal Record, or any other legal document that establishes identity.)
    • Child's Immunization Records (Validated by a physician's signature or stamp; current immunization requirements can be found on the Health Services Page.) 
    • Child's Social Security Number (optional but preferred)
    • Proof of Residency (utility bill, lease agreement, contract). If you are not a resident of Keller ISD, but you are living with someone who is a resident, the resident must complete an Affidavit of Residency form. This form is available when you register. Falsification of information by parent(s)/guardian(s) may be punishable under the TEXAS PENAL CODE, CHAP. 37, SEC. 37.10. 
    • Enrollment Forms

    If you have any questions, please contact your home campus.

    Residency Information Required

    • Initial Registration – If living in own residence or renting 
      • Provide parent/guardian driver’s license 
      • Provide current utility bill showing name, current address and date 
      • Provide rental agreement or lease (If Renting Or Leasing)

    • Initial Registration – If Building In KISD 
      • Provide parent/guardian driver’s license 
      • Provide builders contract showing projected completion date (Must be less than six months) 
      • Campus will follow Up(At Projected Completion Date) 
      • Provide driver’s license with new address 
      • Provide utility bill showing new address(utility deposit or connection confirmation)

    • Initial Registration – If Living In Another Person’s Residence 
      • Provide parent/guardian driver’s license with residence address or utility bill in parent/guardian name showing residence address 
      • Next Year – provide attending school with same/current information for proof of residency including updated Affidavit of Residency 
      • Provide parent/guardian driver’s license 
      • Provide driver’s license of person responsible for (Owner Of) residence 
      • Provide utility bill showing name of owner, current address and date 
      • Residence owner to complete affidavit of residency (notarized) 
      • If child(ren) not living with parent, provide court document or power of attorney (signed by parent /guardian and notarized) 
      • Campus will follow up (In 30-60 Days & for following school years) 

    All residency affidavits are subject to verification by campus/attendance officer and if falsification of information is determined, withdrawal is immediate in accordance with FD (legal). 


    High School Enrollment
    Schedule a time to enroll your student by calling your high school to set up an appointment.