Surface Go Care/Replacement

  • As part of our ongoing efforts to provide innovative and effective learning tools, we hope students are enjoying their new Surface Go devices.

    In this ever-evolving digital age, access to technology has become an essential part of education. By providing personal devices to our students, we aim to empower them with the tools they need to succeed academically and prepare for the future job market, which increasingly relies on digital skills.  

    While these devices offer incredible opportunities for learning and creativity, they also come with responsibilities. It is crucial that both students and parents understand the importance of caring for these devices to ensure they remain in good working condition throughout their academic journey. Here are some key points to keep in mind: 

    Digital Citizenship: We encourage discussions at home about responsible digital citizenship, online safety, and appropriate use of technology.   

    Protective Measures: Each Surface Go device has a protective case to safeguard the device from accidental damage. Please ensure that this case is not removed.  

    Charging: Devices must be charged each night to ensure that the device is ready for use throughout the next school day.  

    Preparedness: Students are responsible for bringing their fully charged device to school each day. This ensures students are prepared for learning. 

    Reporting Issues: If the device encounters technical issues or damage, please promptly report it to your school's librarian. 

    Responsibility: All devices issued by Keller ISD (KISD) remain the property of Keller ISD. There is no cost to use a KISD device, but there may be fees associated with missing or broken devices. This device is assigned to your child for their educational benefit. Students are expected to use it responsibly and for educational purposes. If a student loses their Surface Go device or power adapter, parents are responsible for the replacement cost. The replacement cost for a Surface Go is $599.99 and the replacement cost for the power adapter is $78.00.  Payments for lost devices or power adapters can be made through the KISD webstore. A detailed list of charges can be found below: 

      • Screen $224.10 
      • Battery $116.10 
      • Keyboard $179.10 
      • Bottom Cover $71.10 
      • Motherboard $233.10 
      • Camera $71.10 
      • Case $35.00 
      • Other internal repairs (hinge, power button, volume buttons, etc.) $107.10 

    Each device includes two warranty claims at no charge to the student. If a student intentionally damages the device, the student will be responsible for the replacement cost. 

    We believe that providing individual technology devices will open up new educational possibilities and help our students thrive in an increasingly digital world. However, we also understand that with great technology comes great responsibility. 

    Thank you for your partnership in fostering responsible technology use among our students. Together, we can ensure that these devices are valuable tools for their education. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to your student’s campus.