Keller ISD Visioning

  • Keller ISD is currently undergoing a Visioning process that will define the District's focus in the coming years and is built on the input from the KISD community. 

    The Visioning process continues to make great strides toward the development of the District's Core Beliefs and Strategies following several weeks of in-depth interviews, research, and data collection. Prior to December 15, 2017, consultants conducted all 120 scheduled one-on-one interviews with stakeholders representing all four KISD feeder patterns. A total of 2,926 questionnaires were completed, and 416 community members signed up to express interest in being involved in the process moving forward. 

    A Student Visioning Alignment Workshop (VAW) will take place from 4-8 p.m. Friday, February 2, and all day Saturday, February 3, at the KISD Education Center. VAW student participation will include a sophomore, two juniors, and one senior from each of the four Keller ISD high schools. 

    The Visioning Alignment Workshop (VAW) for adults will be held February 12-14 at Medical City Alliance. VAW participants will be reviewing the information gathered from the Visioning Questionnaires, the In-Depth Interviews, and District and Market Research. 

    The goal of this process is to develop a set of Core Beliefs and Strategies – or "core problems" that require innovation – to fulfill the expectations of the Core Beliefs. The following groups will be represented across the four feeder patterns as VAW participants: 

    • Board Members (2) 
    • Teachers (4) 
    • Parents (4) 
    • Community Members (4)
    • Campus Administrators (4) 
    • Former Students (4) 
    • Central Administrators (4) 

    Immediately following the VAWs will be a Strategy Audit from February 26-April 13, followed by a Community Forum the week of April 23. A Confirmation Workshop will take place the first week of May, and finally, recommendations will be submitted to the Board of Trustees for approval at the May Regular Board Meeting. 

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