Keller ISD Visioning

  • Keller ISD is currently undergoing a Visioning process that will define the District's focus in the coming years and is built on the input from the KISD community. 

    Students participate in the Visioning Alignment Workshop on February 2, 2018 Since beginning the Visioning journey in October 2017, nearly 3,000 individuals in the community took time to respond to the District's Visioning Questionnaire, and Keller ISD held four Educational Summits – one in each of the District's high school feeder patterns – completed 120 in-depth interviews with representatives from six stakeholder groups – parents, students, administrators, teachers, former students, and community members – and compiled District/Market Research that focused on the population, economic, social, and technological identity of Keller ISD. Common themes and insights from the interviews, questionnaire responses, and market research were compiled as findings representative of the KISD community's voice. 

    Visioning Alignment Workshop participants In February, the Keller ISD Visioning team brought these findings before a group comprised of representatives from the six stakeholder groups during a student and adult Vision Alignment Workshop (VAW) for discussion and validation. Fueled by the voice of the community, members of the VAW worked to define a draft set of core values and specific strategies written in the form of problem statements that, when solved, demand innovation. 

    Following the student and adult VAW, a Strategy Audit team was assembled with representatives from the six stakeholder groups to audit these strategies to see how other organizations (both educational and non-educational) address similar subjects. This audit research will serve as a catalyst when action and planning and implementation begins, should Keller ISD's Board of Trustees approve the strategies in May. 

    Educational Summit attendees discuss district priorities You're Invited!
    Were you part of the Visioning process? Keller ISD would like to extend an invitation to the 400+ community members that signed up to get involved in the District's Visioning process to participate in the next phase of the process – the Visioning Community Forum. 

    The Community Forum will showcase the Visioning work that has been competed so far, and gather your thoughts and comments. This is the same work that will be reviewed and fine-tuned during a confirmation workshop in preparation of the Regular Board Meeting in May. At that time, Trustees will consider the core beliefs and strategies for approval. 

    The Visioning Community Forum will be set up in a come-and-go, gallery walk format from 6-8 p.m. Thursday, April 26, in the KISD Education Center Texas Rooms (350 Keller Parkway). 

    Keller ISD truly values and appreciates the interest of all of those involved in the Strategic Visioning process, and hopes that you are able to attend the Community Forum to review the work that has been completed while providing your additional feedback. Your input is invaluable!