How can my student be excused from taking a final exam?

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To qualify for a final exam exemption, students in grades 9-12 cannot have more than 3 unexcused absences, they must have a grade of 85% or better in the class, and they cannot have any disciplinary issues for the semester. 

b. Students who are exempt from a final exam and are not required to come to  school for that period may STILL receive an absent mark for that period. We  receive funding based on student attendance and we cannot claim a student  is present in class if they are not. Just know that even though the student  will receive an absent mark, it will not be used against the student for finals  week. We know that students will be coming and going during the week of finals  and we recommend ignoring any absent marks the student might receive  even if they are exempt. IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO CALL/EMAIL THE  ATTENDANCE OFFICE TO LET US KNOW. Just disregard.