Vehicles parked on Keller ISD school property are under the jurisdiction of the school. 


    • Any student wishing to park a vehicle on a Keller ISD parking lot must request a parking permit before driving a car on campus
    • The school reserves the right to search any vehicle if reasonable cause exists to do so. 
    • Searches of vehicles may be conducted anytime there is reasonable cause to do so, with or without presence of the student. 
    • A student has full responsibility for the security of his/her vehicle and must make certain it is locked and that the keys to the vehicles are not given to others.
    • A student will be held responsible for any prohibited objects or substances such as alcohol, drugs, and weapons that are found in his/her car and will be subject to disciplinary action by Keller ISD, as well as referred for criminal prosecution. 
    • A parking fee, determined by the Superintendent or designee, may be assessed. 
    • Parking permits may be issued throughout the year as long as space is available. 
    • Sharing parking permits is not permitted. 
    • A student must display a VALID driver’s license, proof of insurance and car make, model and license plate number in order to purchase a parking permit. 
    • Any student parked in a handicapped parking space, without a handicapped parking permit, in a striped area, or in any other space than designated for students and particular grade level, is subject to his/her vehicle being towed, ticket and may lose parking privileges. 
    • Any type of reckless driving (excessive speeding, driving over curbs, etc.) on Central High School property at any time (school day/non-school day) will result in automatic suspension of driving privileges. 
    • Central High School will NOT refund parking pass fees to students who have had their driving privileges suspended. 
    • Lost or stolen hang/parking tags will have to be replaced at full cost. 


    Students are expected to follow the expectations,following consequences will occur:  

    1st Offense: Written Warning and/or Verbal Warning (face to face or use of PA system) 

    2nd Offense: Vehicle immobilized, $25.00 removal fee or other discipline may be implemented 

    3rd Offense: Driving privileges will be revoked from KISD property.  If vehicle is found to be on KISD property, vehicle will be towed off at owner’s expense