Plagiarism/Cheating Information

  • We are trying to be as proactive as possible when it comes to ongoing issues with plagiarism/cheating within student work.  The issue seems to be more prevalent every year--not only in the high school environment, but college and the work force as well.

    We encourage you to help us in reinforcing that plagiarism is not an acceptable educational tool for any of our students.  Your help is needed to monitor your student's work as well.  Plagiarism does not give the teacher an accurate assessment of the student's work.   Plagiarism is unfair to the majority of students who are being honest when turning in their own academic work for assessment.

    Collaborating with other students on any classroom assignment, unless it has been approved prior to the assignment by the classroom teacher of the course, is plagiarism.  All assignments are to be completed individually unless the instructor indicates otherwise; however, students who are unsure should seek clarification from their instructors.

    Reading and writing skills are part of the educational building blocks for all students.  The desire is for all students to understand that reading and writing drive the everyday skills they will use in their post-educational settings and beyond.  Our teachers are stressing the importance of this and writing as a process.  Good writing takes time, fortitude, and does not happen overnight.  Our teachers are working with students to develop their own ideas while writing in an organized process.  Students will continue to refine and edit their work while using proper citations so they will get the results they want.  It must be remembered that students in today's society have instant technology, mainly through the internet and resources such as phones, I-pads and computers that are available to them 24/7.  They need to continually be reminded and monitored to make sure they are making good decisions that will build their academic skills now and in their future.         

    Take this opportunity to speak with your CHS student to make sure they understand that plagiarism is taking the words of another person, whether it is from the entire paper, parts of a paper, copy/pasting from internet sources, books, magazines, etc.  Remind your student also that consequences may incur if they allow another students to copy from their work.  We are asking for your help to reinforce they make the right choices when it comes to their academics, whether it is on a paper assignment or a test.  It is our desire that students understand that the penalty of plagiarism/cheating in high school may seem very minimal compared to the higher education consequences and real world experiences.  It is important that they create and reinforce strong and honest academic habits now.  Universities and colleges impose consequences such as, but not limited to, a course failure, student suspension, legal consequences, expulsion from the school and having to deal with a tarnished academic reputation.

    Unfortunately, in the event that a CHS student choses to plagiarize, whether it is intentional, unintentional or allows other students to use their work as examples, they will receive a zero for that assignment.  If a student decides to plagiarize a second time or any of the above examples, they will receive a zero for their six-weeks grade.  If a student is caught for a third time, they will receive a zero for the semester.  Students may incur discipline at the discretion of school administration. 

    Please take the time to review the above information with each of your students.  If you have any questions, please contact your child's teacher, grade level principal or myself.  We have included a couple of higher education links below that will give more exact info on plagiarism/cheating issues on their campuses.  We want all students to make good decisions when it comes to their education and not just look for the easy road.