What is “Seat Time”?

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a. In order to get credit for a class, students are required to be present in their  classroom seat for 90% of the time.  

b. Student’s may have 9 unexcused absences for 1st & 8th periods,   and they may have 5 unexcused absences for 2nd – 7th periods. Once a student reaches 10/6 unexcused absences, they must make up the seat time.  

c. Seat time can be made up in various ways such as Saturday school or  tutorials. If a student knows he/she will have to miss school in the future,  they can plan ahead and bank seat time the same way, through Saturday  school and tutorials. 

d. Seat time recovery is handled through the Assistant Principal’s office. You  may contact your student’s AP or the student can visit their office to discuss  how they can make up any needed missed class time.