Why is it important to provide a doctor or court note?

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a. Doctor and court appointments are considered by the state to be excused  absences. If we receive documentation, we can adjust the student’s  attendance so that the absence will not go against “seat time”. Doctor notes need to be submitted to the attendance office within 5 days of the student returning to school.

b. It is important that all absent dates are listed on the documentation because  we can only use the dates that are provided on the note. If the student  misses a day of school because he/she is sick but doesn’t see a doctor until  the next day, you can ask the doctor to provide all previous, current & future absent dates on the note.  

c. If a doctor's note states that a student may be excused from school for 5 days but the student returns on the 3rd day, he/she can not then stay home for  the 4th & 5th days. Once a student returns to school, the doctor's note is  canceled and a new note will be needed for any further excused absences  (unless the doctor specifically explains why a student might need to come to  school and then be out again). 

d. The doctor's note can be dropped off or emailed to us in the attendance office.  You may provide a copy of the note to the nurses’ office or athletics if you  believe it’s needed, but we need to keep a copy in attendance in order to  excuse the absence. Teachers do not need a copy unless you want them to  have it.