How do I request an early dismissal?

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a. You may call or email to make the request. Please provide the student’s  name, grade, ID number and the dismissal time. If you call you may need  to leave a voicemail, we promise we will get the message, but we will not  return the call to verify. If you email, we will respond with a quick “Got it”  or “Thank you”, etc. to verify we received the message. 

b. You can send us the early dismissal request the evening before or the day  of, but please give us at least 30 minutes to receive and process the  request. We can not process early dismissal’s days in advance. You can,  however, let us know in advance if your student will be ABSENT. Please note we stop checking emails or voicemails after 3:30PM, if you need an early dismissal for a time later than that, please make sure to call or email before 3:15PM. Students with Last Name A - K  please contact Heather Knapp, or 817-744-2042. Students with Last Name L - Z please contact Melissa Olson, or 817-744-2040.

d. If the student returns to school after an early dismissal, they MUST sign  back in at the attendance office with any necessary documentation (ie:  doctor’s note) 

e. This is a closed campus and students should not leave campus without a  dismissal note. Students should not leave campus during their lunch time.  Students caught leaving campus without a dismissal note, even if the parent calls after the fact, can face disciplinary action.