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KISD Students Build Leadership Skills, Create Service Projects

Five KISD students successfully completed membership in Education in Action’s 2022-2023 Lone Star Leadership Academy Alumni Council. 

After attending a Lone Star Leadership Academy summer camp, they were invited to join the Alumni Council to continue receiving leadership training during the school year. In addition to completing leadership skill-building lessons, each student identified a need in his or her community and created and led at least two other people in a service project of his or her choosing. 

Maggie Galegher and friends pose with donations.Parkwood Hill Intermediate School fifth-grader Maggie Galegher’s project was “Caring for the Cold-Blooded.” She collected items for Nature's Edge Wildlife and Reptile Rescue (NEWRR) that they needed most. To gather donations, she asked her teacher to host a donation box, she distributed flyers in her neighborhood, and her mom shared her project on Facebook. She collected 44 rolls of paper towels, 34 baby blankets, 401 puppy pads, 16 flat bed sheets, and 608 ounces of Dawn dish soap - all of which will help NEWRR take care of their rescue animals. Her sponsor was teacher Rebekah Ortiz. 

“After seeing my brothers do service projects over the past few years, I couldn't wait to do my own,” Galegher said. “I learned how fun it can be to lead others in helping a nonprofit organization, especially one that helps animals.” 

Brook Hayes and friend pose with donations.Indian Springs Middle School sixth-grader Brooke Hayes’ project was “Helping HSNT Hearts.” Hayes, her brother, and cousin collected donations for the Humane Society of North Texas. She collected more than 30 pet items that her community donated. Her sponsor was parent Monica Hayes.

"This experience helped me improve as a leader because it taught me not all animals have all the things they need and donating makes a big difference,” she said. 

Samantha Billings and friends pose with donations.Keller High School ninth-grader Samantha Billings’ project was “All Smiles at SafeCare.” Billings and her three friends teamed up to make 20 craft bins for a special needs group home. These bins included a coloring book, crayons, a blank journal, four sticker sheets, and two mini-stuffed animals. They hand delivered them to the residents during the holidays to bring them some cheer. Her sponsor was English teacher Julianna Morris.

“I have truly never felt more proud of myself and I am amazed at what I have learned throughout the project,” Billings said. “This is an experience I will forever cherish.” 

Lane and Brooke Hayes pose on pet aisle at store.Keller High School ninth-grader Lane Hayes’ project was “HSNT Donation Drive.” Lane and Brooke Hayes asked their neighbors and family for donations to benefit the Humane Society of North Texas. They collected around $150 worth of pet care supplies. This donation helped ensure the health of rescue animals in the Humane Society's care. Lane’s sponsor was parent Monica Hayes.

Tyrone Njelezek and brother pose with donations outside car.Timber Creek High School ninth-grader Tyrone Njelezek’s project was “Sharing for Caring.” Njelezek and his brother collected new clothes, blankets, and towels to deliver to the Presbyterian Night Shelter. This helped a lot of people in the shelter, by providing them with clean clothes and sleeping materials. 

“This project showed I can contribute to society by helping those in need,” he said.

To learn more about the Lone Star Leadership Academy Alumni Council, please visit their website.