The Keller High School Counseling Center advocates for the needs of our KHS family.  Through relationships, community, education, communication, service, excellence, and respect, we honor the strengths and differences of each individual in order to empower every student to achieve excellence in all areas of their lives.


    Request Window is from Friday, September 23 - Friday, September 30, 2022

    Deadline is Friday, September 30th at 4:00 pm - NO EXCEPTIONS


    Students, teachers, and parents:

    Please find the link below for the SAVE Form. This is a required part of the process for any student to request a move from an Honors or AP Course.

    SAVE Form Fall 2022


    What is a SAVE?

    • A SAVE is the process for a student to request a move from an Honors or AP class to the regular level of that class.
    • A student requesting a SAVE must fill out the SAVE Google Form (see the link above).
    • A student cannot request a SAVE for a non-Honors/AP course or for a course that is Honors or AP and does not have a regular level (e.g., AP Chemistry).
    • "SAVE" is not an acronym, it is to "SAVE" a student's schedule and determine if a student is utilizing all their support systems for success. Thus, being able to remain IN an Honors or AP class. 


    How does a student request a SAVE?

    • A student may request a SAVE between Friday, Sept. 23rd and Friday, Sept. 30th.
    • The student must completely fill out a SAVE Form and turn it in by the deadline of Friday, Sept 30th at 4:00 pm. NO EXCEPTIONS
    • The student, parent, and teacher must fill out the SAVE form (digitally sent to each party).
    • It is the student's responsibility to initiate the SAVE process. 


    What determines if a student is moved to the regular level?

    • A student MUST have turned in all assignments.
    • A student MUST have attended tutorials (at least one a week)
    • A student MUST have retested when needed
    • The SAVE committee will review each situation - sometimes students have overloaded themselves and need to be moved to the regular level of one class. In this situation, the counselor will discuss the situation with the student. 
    • The student/parent must make contact with the teacher and the teacher must fill out the digital SAVE form for teacher feedback.


    Remember, the goal is to keep appropriately placed students in the Honors or AP course. We want to find a good balance of  not under-educating students while at the same time not overwhelming them.  


    Outside of School Day Online Classes 

    • Cost $175 per class
    • Reference the attached flyer for classes offered during Fall 2022, Spring 2023, and Summer 2023

    iChoose Out of School Day Online Flyer



    Keller ISD Dual Credit Program Information Nights





    Drug Education Video Link


    Video includes the following components

    Review of different classes of drugs

    Risks associated with substance use

    Strategies to avoid using substances