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    The Keller High School Counseling Center advocates for the needs of our KHS family.  Through relationships, community, education, communication, service, excellence, and respect, we honor the strengths and differences of each individual in order to empower every student to achieve excellence in all areas of their lives.


    Link to Keller ISD Suicide Prevention Webpage


    * Credit recovery is NOT approved for NCAA potential college athletes*



    *** Carefully read through ALL of the information regarding

    the summer credit recovery program. ***


    Registration is OPEN through the KISD Webstore

    May 29 - June 23: Edgenuity is open to course work 

    June 18: Last day to register & pay for a summer school course

    June 24 - 25 (8am - 1pm): In-person REQUIRED final exams

    Tuesday, June 4, June 11, and June 18: Optional Tutorials with Monitoring Teacher



    The following are the courses available during the summer credit recovery program:


    Registration for Summer Credit Recovery:

    • Register and pay for ONE course at a time through the KISD webstore. HERE is the link for "Instructions on How to Register for the Webstore."
    • When the course work is completed, a student can register and pay for the next course through the KISD webstore.
    • May 29 - Students can begin working on their summer credit recovery course.
    • June 18 at 4pm - Last day for a student to register and pay for a course and begin working in Edgenuity.

    Edgenuity & Technology Tips:

    • Access Edgenuity through KCloud 
    • Click HERE for instructions on "How to Access Edgenuity"
    • Recommended to do the Edgenuity course work on a computer or chromebook and not on your phone.
    • The parent/guardian listed in Aeries will be sent daily Edgenuity progress updates. 
    • Technical Difficulties with KISD Device - Submit a tech ticket through KCloud “Ichoose virtual learning”
    • English Credit Recovery Essay - You MUST write the essay, and it is graded by the KHS summer monitoring teacher. The essays will be scanned for authenticity.
    • The better you do on the pre-test, the faster you will move through the Edgenuity program.
    • Accommodations are provided in the Edgenuity program.
    • Reach out to the monitoring teacher for further support.
    • Final Exams - REQUIRED in order to receive credit for the course. The finals can be taken early on the tutorial days with the monitoring teacher.

    Weekly Tutorials with Monitoring Teacher:

    • Tuesdays from 8am - 12 pm at Keller High School
    • Students can contact their below assigned teacher for questions and can meet with them during the in-person tutorial times for course assistance or to take the final exam early.
    • The monitoring teachers are on summer break; therefore, they will only check emails approximately once a day.
    • Bring your KHS ID to enter the school.
    • Monitoring Teachers: 

    Required Final Exam: Monday, June 24 and Tuesday, 25, 2024 (8 am - 1 pm)

    • Students who do NOT take the final exam will NOT receive credit for the course and will NOT have an opportunity to take the final at a later date.
    • Refunds for the course will NOT be provided if the student does NOT take the final exam.
    • Keller High School Student ID - Required to enter
    • In-person exams are REQUIRED to receive credit.
    • Exams CAN be taken early and in-person during tutorial times with the monitoring teacher. 
    • Exams CANNOT be taken after June 25th.
    • Bring your school-issued device or your own computer and charger.


    Contact Kelli.woodruff@kellerisd.net, the summer school counselor, if you have further questions regarding the summer credit recovery program. 



    Drug Education Video Link


    Video includes the following components

    Review of different classes of drugs

    Risks associated with substance use

    Strategies to avoid using substances