• Campus Mascot:​ Hawks
    Campus Colors:  Purple and black​​

    Our Motto
    ​Learning. Growing. Leading... TOGETHER

    ​​​​Our Mission
    The Timberview Way inspires leadership through exceptional learning experiences and active involvement in our community.
    ​​Our Vision
    Timberview- A community that empowers success through student-centered learning.

    Our Values
    We inspire pride in self, school, and community.
    We engage in all aspects of learning.
    We honor the importance of each individual and group.
    Within a safe environment, everyone has a voice.
    We believe that purpose​ drives motivation and action.

    The Timberview Experience
    I feel proud.

    I am engaged.

    I feel important.

    I feel safe.

    I have purpose.

    The Timberview Way
    ​​The Timberview Way describes all the behaviors, actions and attitudes that bring about the components of the Timberview Experience.


    Performance in Community and Student Engagement (CASE)