• Timberview Middle School Student ID Procedures

    In an effort to increase the safety and security of all Keller ISD campuses, and to effectively identify individuals on campus, Keller ISD will require all middle school students to wear an ID badge while on any District property. We know that well displayed badges can provide immediate identification of authorized individuals, and help us quickly identify our own students.
    The following procedures will be put in place on Feb 19th.

    Badges are not to be altered or edited in any way; this includes, but is not limited to:

    • Drawing on the badge itself (front or back)
    • Drawing or intentionally damaging the plastic badge holder
    • Putting stickers on the badge or plastic holder

    Badges must be worn around the neck, with the ID badge visible at all times.

    Absolutely no sharing or giving away of badges; they have personal information in the barcode that is not to be given to any other students.

    Any student that forgets to bring their ID badge will be required to have a temporary badge printed at the beginning of the school day.

    Temporary badge procedures:

    • 1st – sticker
    • 2nd- sticker/admin communicate to parents
    • 3rd- sticker/call to parents, student charged $5 for replacement

    Students must have their ID badge to participate in school activities, including, but not limited to:

    • Completing work in the collaboration area, either individually or with a group
    • Participating in “House” activities
    • Checking out Library books
    • Leaving café during the lunch period
    • Entry into after school events (athletics, fine arts, etc.)
    • Participation in technology Fridays

    Pricing for replacement badge items will be:

    • Full badge replacement- $5
    • Lanyard- $2
    • Plastic cover- $1

    End Of day ID Storage Procedure:
    During the last period of the day, (8th period for students with athletics during 9th period) teachers will monitor and ensure that each student in their class stores their ID in the front pocket of their backpack. It is the teacher’s responsibility to ensure that this takes place daily, and the students responsibility to have their ID, and comply.