School Nurse

  • These are the ABC’s of School Nursing.  We spend our day with the following questions in mind:

    Is this An emergency?

    Our most important goal is to keep YOU safe.   We will try to stabilize any conditions that are life-threatening and constantly monitor you until EMT arrives.

    Could you Be in class?

    If there is something we can do to make you more comfortable, we will, so that you can go back to class as soon as possible.   Your full-time job at this age is to learn.  You should only “call in sick” when you really, really need to.

    Do you have a Chronic illness?

    If you have a chronic illness that you know about (like Asthma or Allergies), we may already know how to treat it.   If that treatment is not working well, we may need to refer you back to your doctor.   You may not even know you have a chronic illness.   If something happens over and over (like you have wheezing when the temperature drops or you get whelps and shortness of breath when you eat peanut butter), we may be able to identify something that needs to be seen by a doctor or nurse practitioner.

    We are also good resources for health information, community services and support.  

    Keller ISD Health Forms