School Nurse

  • Welcome to the Nurse’s Office!

    Please feel free to stop by or call me with any questions or concerns you may have!


    School nurse: Mrs. Katy Burton

    Office Hours: 8am-4pm

    Contact Information:

    Phone: 817-744-3220

    Fax: 817-744-3221



  • These are the ABC’s of School Nursing.  We spend our day with the following questions in mind:

    Is this An emergency?

    Our most important goal is to keep YOU safe.   We will try to stabilize any conditions that are life-threatening and constantly monitor you until EMT arrives.

    Could you Be in class?

    If there is something we can do to make you more comfortable, we will, so that you can go back to class as soon as possible.  

    Do you have a Chronic illness?

    If you have a chronic illness that you know about (like Asthma or Allergies), we may already know how to treat it.   If that treatment is not working well, we may need to refer you back to your doctor.   You may not even know you have a chronic illness.   If something happens over and over (like you have wheezing when the temperature drops or you get whelps and shortness of breath when you eat peanut butter), we may be able to identify something that needs to be seen by a doctor or nurse practitioner.


    Please remember this information about medication:

    1. All medication, including any over-the-counter medication, must be brought in by a parent or guardian. Please do not send your student to the clinic with medication to give the nurse. There is paperwork that must be filled out by the parent/guardian in order to dispense any medications at school.
    2. The medication administration form is the paperwork that must be filled out prior to dispensing any medication at school. Feel free to print the form to fill out before meeting with the nurse.
    3. All nebulizer treatments, epi-pens, and inhalers that students carry with them will need to have a self-administration medication form filled out and signed by a physician.   


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