• Theresa Meiwes, RN
    Timber Creek High School
    12350 Timberland Blvd, Fort Worth, TX 76244

    Tami Finley, LVN

    Back to School Updates From Your Campus Nurses

    Natasha Howell and Tami Finley, Timber Creek's nurses want to share some important information with students and the community before you head back to school on August 26, 2020. Find details on Medication and Health Form Drop Off, COVID Details and more in this article.

    Medication and Health Form Drop Off

    A medication and health form drop off has been scheduled for Monday, August 24 from 9-11 am.

    This is the time you will need to bring any medications your student will need and all appropriate health forms needed for the school year.

    Health forms can be found at this link https://www.kellerisd.net/Page/354

    Everyday Student, Staff and Visitor Screening

    Each school day, students, staff and visitors will be asked to fill out a critical COVID Health Screening questionnaire. Find the buttons to access these at the top of Talon, within the Talon app, on the official Keller ISD and Timber Creek websites and below.

    Graphic: checklist icon with the text: Student Screening Graphic: checklist icon with the text: Employee/Visitor Screening

    These screeners are very important, not only to self-check if a community member may have symptoms of the virus, but also for contract tracing if an outbreak occurs in school. Form data is secured and is only used for COVID screening purposes.

    COVID Procedures

    Keller ISD Health Services shared the following presentation detailing the procedures for dealing with students who are suspected of having COVID-19 symptoms while at school, plus additional prevention and mitigation information:

    COVID Student Focused (PDF Download)

    Keller ISD Additional COVID Information

    Keller ISD has provided many district resources to focus on the three steps of combating the virus: Prevention, Mitigation, and Response.

    Find all their documentation on the official Keller ISD website here: https://www.kellerisd.net/Page/6754