• Starting the first week of October, our campus will be offering a new service for students. We have partnered with Cook Children’s to pilot the Cook Children’s Telehealth​ and Virtual Medicine Program.​

    NBC 5 feature on theKeller ISD and Cook Children's Telemedicine partnership.​

    The nurse will use high definition video and communication techniques to allow your student to able to see a Cook Children’s pediatrician while at school. The physician will do the assessment in the nurse’s office, and decide a plan of care from there. You will have the capability to listen in or even video conference during the appointment.​​​ Treatable conditions: Earache, fever, cough and colds, rashes, abrasions and scrapes, cuts and lacerations, headaches, and pinkeye. ​

    There is a registration packet that needs to be filled out and returned to the nurse, to identify if your student is eligible for this program. The parent registration packet can be accessed at the following link:

    Cook Children’s SchoolBased Telemedicine Program​​

    El Programa deTelemedicina de Cook Children‘s Para Escuelas​

    or visit www.KellerISD.net/Telemedicine. 

    Additional copies will also be available in the nurse’s office. Please contact our nurses office for any questions or more information on this exciting new program. 

    Theresa Meiwes, RN  Theresa.Meiwes@kellerisd.net P: 817-744-2320 | F: 817-744-2321

    Tami Finley, LVN Tami.Finley@kellerisd.net P: 817-744-2334 | F: 817-744-2321