Athletic Teams

  • Athletic Coaches

    Description First Name Last Name E-mail
    HS Girls Coordinator Laura Moore
    HS Head Football Kevin Golden
    Offensive Football Coordinator Lonnie Judd
    Defensive Football Coordinator Dusty Ortiz
    Asst. Football Damian VanWinkle
    Asst. Football Ricky Badley
    Asst. Football Santos Casillas
    Asst. Football Bradley Stowe
    Asst. Football Donald Havens
    Asst. Football Nathan Lakota
    Asst. Football Derek Watson
    Asst. Football Stephen Ritchie
    Asst. Football Timothy Thomas
    Asst. Football Jake Miller
    Asst. Football Chacgaphong Fongsamouth
    Asst. Football Ian Henley
    HS Head Basketball (Girls) Tina DeMichele
    Asst. Basketball (Girls) Robert Barker
    Asst. Basketball (Girls) Jeremy Smith
    Asst. Basketball (Girls) Christopher Simmons
    Asst. Basketball (Girls) Donald Havens
    HS Head Basketball (Boys) Brad Mouser
    Asst. Basketball (Boys) Devin Mcllwain
    Asst. Basketball (Boys) Nathan Lakota
    Asst. Basketball (Boys) Bradley Stowe
    Asst. Basketball (Boys) Jeff Hudak
    HS Head Baseball Derek Watson
    Asst. Baseball Damian VanWinkle
    Asst. Baseball Santos Casillas
    Asst. Baseball Ian Henley
    Asst. Baseball Royce Toler
    HS Head Track (Boys) Stephen Ritchie
    Asst. Track (Boys) Ricky Badley
    Asst. Track (Boys) Chacgaphong Fongsamouth
    Asst. Track (Boys) Lonnie Judd
    HS Head Track (Girls) Joshua Allen
    Asst. Track (Girls) Timothy Thomas timothy
    Asst. Track (Girls) Catherine Reeves
    Asst. Track (Girls) Christopher Simmons
    HS Head Cross Country Joshua Allen
    Asst. Cross Country Craig Arkfeld
    Asst. Cross Country Shelley Hawkins
    HS Head Soccer (Boys) John Besancon
    Asst. Soccer (Boys) Daniel Rincon
    Asst. Soccer (Boys) Matt Quattlebaum
    Asst. Soccer (Boys) Craig Arkfeld
    HS Head Soccer (Girls) Michael King
    Asst. Soccer (Girls) Catherine Reeves
    Asst. Soccer (Girls) Taylor May
    Asst. Soccer (Girls) Kirsten McMaster
    HS Head Volleyball Erin Wood
    Asst. Volleyball Sheila Sterling
    Asst. Volleyball Taylor May
    Asst. Volleyball Adriana Vasquez-Roca
    Asst. Volleyball Catherine Reeves
    HS Head Golf Russell Fuqua
    Asst. Golf Devin Mcllwain
    HS Head Softball (Girls) Laura Moore
    Asst. Softball Jeremy Smith
    Asst. Softball Sheila Sterling
    Asst. Softball Tina DeMichele
    Asst. Softball Christopher Reynolds
    HS Head Wrestling (Boys) Jayson Conger
    Asst. Wrestling Ian Henley
    Head Wrestling (Girls) Scott Petras
    HS Powerlifting Dusty Ortiz
    HS Head Tennis Roger Thomas
    Asst. Tennis Mark Osmus
    HS Head Swimming Betsy Murphy
    Asst. Swimming      
    HS Athletic Trainer Jesus Holguin
    HS Athletic Trainer Christina Kiser
    HS Athletic Trainer Charles McCandless
    HS Varsity Cheerleader Coach Alisha Fickle
    HS Jr. Varsity Coach Priscilla Miller
    HS Fr. Cheerleader Coach Shelley Hawkins
    HS Drill Team Sponsor Lindsey Harris
    Asst. Drill Team Sponsor Kimberly Cardwell

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