About ISMS

  • ISMS logo

    Campus Mascot- Eagles
    Campus Colors- Maroon and Gold

    Our Mission- 
    ISMS will empower all students to initiate their own learning through continuous academic growth to become successful, productive citizens.

    Our Vision and Values-

    ISMS transforms lives, integrates 21st century skills in the learning process, and inspires life-long learners.


    • ISMS appreciates and embraces our diversity
    • ISMS believes in continuous academic growth
    • ISMS believes in teaching our students in how to learn, live, and be successful in the 21st century
    • ISMS believes in students being engaged in the learning process
    • ISMS believes in students learning how to collaborate and cooperate with their peers to enhance the learning process
    • ISMS believes in building and maintaining​ character
    • ISMS believes in hard work

    Our Goals-

    • All students will achieve educational excellence.​
    • All systems in the Keller ISD will be effective, efficient, and accountable in support of the district’s mission.
    • Keller Independent School District will recruit, develop, and retain a diverse highly qualified staff.
    • The Keller Independent School District will develop and promote positive community relations through effective communication, the involvement of stakeholders, and the establishment of business and community partnerships.
    • Keller Independent School District facilities and services will be operated in a safe manner so that all students and employees may thrive in a secure and nurturing environment.​