What is AVID? Advancement via individual determination is a global non-profit organization.
  • AVID Teachers
    Amber Womble , AVID Coordinator
    AVID 1 – Jennifer Stinson
    AVID 2 – Amber Womble
    AVID 3 - Jennifer Stinson
    AVID 4 - Amber Womble, Zachary Smith (All-Male Class) 

    Binder Contents for FRHS AVID 

    • Good quality, 3 INCH, 3-ring binder, 3” rings with pocket inserts
    • 16 colored dividers with tabs to separate each academic class including AVID for all core class/elective classes that use notes and graded work.
    •  4 single subject spirals for notes for each core/or elective with notes. MAKE SURE YOU CHECK WITH YOUR CONTENT TEACHERS THEY MAY REQUIRE YOU TO KEEP NOTES IN AN INTERACTIVE JOURNAL.
    • Homework Folder-Optional
    • Zipper pouch to store supplies (3-hole punched heavy duty zip-lock bags will also work)
    • Two or more pens of EACH color (blue, black and red)
    • Two or more sharpened pencils
    • Colored Pencils
    • Filler Paper (some notebook paper is now available in Cornell note style if you chose to purchase Cornell note paper.)
    •  Agendas will be provided and included in AVID Fees for all Freshmen and Sophomores. Juniors and Seniors can purchase their own or choose to purchase one from campus. Electronic agendas are not acceptable.
    • Post it notes
    • Pink Block Eraser
    • Highlighter (multiple colors)
    • Glue Sticks at least 2
    • 4 or more dry erase markers- for AVID Tutorials
    • Sheet protectors 1 package
    • Optional: Portable hole punch for 3 ring binder (sold to fit in a binder, in stapler section, resembles a ruler) or whole punch for your home.
    • Whole Savers (reinforcers) for notebook paper
    • Tissue for the classroom