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Severe Weather Arrival & Dismissal Procedures

Severe Weather Arrival and Dismissal ProceduresWhen lightning is in the area, campus administration will monitor lightning strikes using the Pocket Perry app. When lightning is within 10 miles of Bette Perot Elementary, we will use our district texting app to let parents know bad weather arrival and dismissal procedures are activated.These procedures are put in place to keep students and adults safe. Per KISD safety procedures, during severe weather conditions such as lightning, thunderstorms, or tornado warnings, students are brought into the building from outside activities and held inside until conditions are safe. KISD regulations do not allow us to dismiss students to busses or to walk out of the building while severe weather is in the area. During this time, KISD employees are not allowed outside to help with arrival in the morning or to dismiss students in the afternoon. In the morning, during arrival, that means we will have no campus staff outside to help. It is recommended that parents only drop off closest to the building since no one will be outside to help with the crosswalk.For dismissal, parents who have arrived at Bette Perot Elementary to pick-up their children may wait in their cars until the weather subsides. Although it is not recommended, a parent may choose to leave her or his car and come to the dismissal door (normal dismissal door and walkers will be at the gym door) with a car sign during severe weather and escort her or his child to the car. I know that this is an extra hassle for you in the morning or afternoon and I want to thank you for understanding and ensuring that we keep both students and adults safe.