Campus Celebrations


    Until further notice, we must suspend our normal celebration rules. We will be unable to accept delivery of edible birthday treats. Parents may send in one small, non-edible treat (pencil, sticker, etc) per classmate. Thank you for your understanding.



    Edible birthday treats (not applicable to classroom parties):  

    Texas Department of Agriculture and Keller ISD understand that celebrating student birthdays is a time-honored tradition that provides the opportunity for student recognition.  Foods otherwise restricted by the Foods of Minimal Nutritional Value requirements are permitted in classroom student birthday recognitions (example: cookies, doughnuts).  Due to the high number of students with food allergies and/or health conditions, only store bought food items with ingredients listed can be provided to students without principal approval.

    Treats may only be offered to students at a time after the lunch period determined by the classroom teacher that does not disrupt learning and does not replace a nutritious lunch.  Federal regulations do not permit foods of minimal nutritional value to be served in the food service area during meal periods.  Students will not be required to accept a treat. Treats will be delivered in a manner that allows for student choice. Although Keller ISD allows birthday treats to be brought to school according to these guidelines in grades PK-4 only, parents are encouraged to avoid food if possible due to the high number of students with food allergies or health conditions.


    Gifts and Invitations:

    Gift Delivery: Any gifts delivered to school for students (i.e. balloons, candy, flowers, etc.) will be kept in the office until the end of the school day unless otherwise approved by campus administration based on the quantity of deliveries on special days.  Non-birthday gifts/treats: Items brought by students/parents not associated with a PTA or school sponsored event or birthdays are not to be distributed to students at any time by school staff. They will be placed in a common area of the classroom and students will be able to voluntarily accept upon exiting the classroom at the end of the school day. Parents wishing to distribute to staff (i.e., cards, flyers, event invitations) must go through campus administration and/or KISD communications department.


    Party Invitations: Personal party invitations may only be given to the entire class, all girls, or all boys within a classroom during the school day. No party invitations will be distributed to other classrooms/students during the school day. Teachers are not responsible for distributing invitations.

    Teacher Gifts: During Teacher Appreciation Week, holidays, or special occasions, individuals or parent groups may not send out any correspondence from the campus to school parents requesting specific donations.


    Campus Parties:

    Texas Department of Agriculture allows schools three exemption days from following the FMNV requirements. Two of these three days may be used for campus parties hosted by the PTA or Boosters. The third day may be used at the discretion of the principal based on campus events and/or traditions. In addition to the above Bette Perot Expectations, Policies and Procedures, students are expected to read and abide by the guidelines of the Keller ISD Student Code of Conduct.