• Please contact Leanne Zeek Jackson for questions about Girls Athletics.


    Requirements for Athletics

    Prior to working out in Athletics, trying out for Volleyball or practicing with Cross Country, all athletes must have turned in a physical and medical history dated after January 1, 2021. There are also four required electronic forms.

    Physical and Medical History Form

    * Required Electronic Forms (you must complete all four)

    Feel free to email a copy of the completed physical and medical history to Leanne.ZeekJackson@kellerisd.net


    App for Communication

    *We will be using SportsYou app this year. You can access it at sportsyou.com or in the app store for both Apple and Android.

    * You will sign up for communications from 7th Grade Athletics or 8th Grade Athletics as well as specific sports. This will ensure that you have up to date information for the sports you are interested in without information you do not need.

    The codes needed to start the year are:
    o 7th Grade Athletics – BHGUWRGG
    o 8th Grade Athletics - 4C3PAPHT
    o 7th Grade Volleyball - Z4YL65F4
    o 8th Grade Volleyball - PTTKQR2Q
    o Cross Country - GMH8KBN4

    o 7th Grade Basketball - 2BB7V4UL
    o 8th Grade Basketball - 6XV5A78E