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Cook Children's School Based Telemedicine

​Cook Children's School Based Telemedicine 

All school nurses are trained on the web-based platform, equipment (stethoscope and otoscope), and testing for rapid strep and influenza before next school year starts.  A few examples of diagnoses which may be treated by telemedicine are:​ Ear pain, Fever, Sinusitis, Allergic rhinitis (seasonal allergies), Conjunctivitis (Pink eye), Influenza, Asthma flare-ups (stable without distress), Mild gastroenteritis (without significant abdominal pain), Skin concerns (impetigo, various rashes including urticaria, insect bites, non-drainable soft tissue skin infections), ​Scabies, Resistant Lice, Minor lacerations to determine need for suture if in question, and Sore throats (strep and viral).

Below is a link to a video which gives a little view of the program in action.        

Families may register online by accessing the following website:

Cooks Children's School Based Telehealth program

Cooks Children's School Based Telehealth program