Accountability Ratings 2019-20

  • For 2020 state academic accountability, all districts and campuses will receive a label of Not Rated: Declared State of Disaster. As with other Not Rated labels, when a district or campus receives a Not Rated: Declared State of Disaster label, the district or campus shall continue to implement the previously ordered sanctions and interventions.

Accountability Ratings 2018-19

  • Overall Grade B, click for more details Student Achievement Grade A, click for more details

    School Progres Grade B, click for more details Closing the Gaps Grade B, click for more details

    TEA reported an Overall Score of 89 for Keller ISD. Overall Scores are calculated by taking the larger of the scores between Student Achievement and School Progress (70 percent of Overall Score) and Closing the Gaps (30 percent of Overall Score), which for Keller ISD would be 91.1. 

    92 (70%) + 89 (30%) = 91.1 

    Keller ISD did not receive an A rating overall because the District includes at least one campus with an overall rating of D. 

    For more information on the ratings of Keller ISD and our campuses, visit the TEA's Web site at