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KISD Athletes Named to All-District Soccer Team

Keller ISD Athletics is proud to announce that numerous athletes from all four programs in the District were named to the 5-6A All-District Soccer Teams.

For girls soccer, Kelsey White, a senior from Keller High School was named Co-Offensive MVP and Kaitlyn Koster, a junior from KHS was named Co-Goalkeeper of the Year. On the boys side, Cade Whitmire, a Keller sophomore, was received the Offensive MVP honor, Mason Nabach, Central junior, won Goalkeeper of the Year, and Parker Odle, a Keller senior, was selected as Midfielder of the Year.

Congratulations to the following athletes!

1st Team Girls All-District
Ashley Haag, 12, Defender, Central
Makayla Pearson, 12, Midfielder, Central
Megan Mirabal, 11, Goalkeeper, Central
Katherine Vela, 11, Defender, Fossil Ridge
Morgan Black, 12, Midfield, Keller
Frankie Nine, 12, Defender, Keller
Maren Fields, 12, Defender, Keller
Mackenzie Worthy, 12, Forward, Keller
Megan Rayford, 12, Defender, Timber Creek
Riley Stern, 10, Midfield, Timber Creek
Gabby Thies, 10, Defender, Timber Creek

1st Team Boys All-District
Younes Mufleh, 12, Midfielder, Central
Zach Agee, 12, Defender, Central
Austin Stohlmann, 12, Defender, Fossil Ridge

Tre Williams, 12, Defender, Keller
Dillon Helser, 11, Midfielder, Keller
Maddox Mallery, 10, Defender, Keller
Andrew Sanchez, 10, Midfielder, Keller
Carlo Martinez, 12, Forward, Timber Creek
Anish Pachkoti, 12, Defender, Timber Creek
Jacob Balkcom, 11, Defender, Timber Creek
Archie Lesniewicz, 12, Forward, Timber Creek

2nd Team Girls All-District
Kristen Linch, 12, Defender, Central
Isabella Portillo, 11, Midfielder, Central
Taliyah Armour, 9, Midfield, Fossil Ridge
Marlene Frias, 12, Midfield, Fossil Ridge
Caelynn January, 9, Defender, Fossil Ridge
Madi Carriello, 12, Forward, Keller
Miranda Cairns, 12, Midfield, Keller
Lucy Meadows, 11, Forward, Keller
Anna Smith, 11, Defender, Keller
Maddie White, 12, Midfield, Timber Creek
Hannah Almond, 12, Midfield, Timber Creek 

2nd Team Boys All-District
Anthony Maenza, 11, Midfielder, Central
Aydan Soto, 11, Midfielder, Central
Sebastian Gonzalez, 12, Midfielder, Fossil Ridge

Bryce Boneau, 11, Midfielder, Keller
Ian Wiechers, 11, Defender, Keller
Cason Walborn, 11, Midfielder, Keller
Johnny DeVoss, 11, Midfielder, Keller
Kyle Gallegos, 9, Midfielder, Timber Creek
Jake Pinkerton, 9, Midfielder, Timber Creek
Steven Bishara, 12, Forward, Timber Creek
Xavier Moreno, 11, Midfielder Timber Creek

Girls Honorable Mention
Abby Ditzler, 10, Forward, Central
Jenny Sarafidis, 9, Forward, Central
Jorden Marmolejo, 11, Defender, Central
Iva Landreville, 12, Midfield, Fossil Ridge
Elyssa Nelson, 12, Defender, Fossil Ridge
Miranda Sosa, 9, Defender, Fossil Ridge
Angela Baron, 10, Forward, Keller
Molly Lowe, 12, Midfield, Timber Creek
Griffyn Levertt, 11, Defender, Timber Creek
Mollee Cheek, 10, Defender, Timber Creek 

Boys Honorable Mention All-District
Miguel Perez, 11, Midfielder, Central
Carsen Grissom 11, Forward, Central
Crispin Bilolo, 11, Defender, Central
Omar Padilla, 10, Midfielder, Fossil Ridge
Cesar Chavez, 10, Defender, Fossil Ridge
Gio Hidalgo, 10, Defender, Fossil Ridge
Sujit Vankenini, 11, Defender, Keller
Evan Bribiska, 11, Goalkeeper, Keller
Drew Ostermeier, 11, Defender, Keller
Antonio Teran, 12, Goalkeeper, Timber Creek
Chris Arceo, 10, Defender, Timber Creek
Travis Shields, 11, Defender, Timber Creek