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CCMR Hosts Successful College Fair

Keller ISD's College, Career, and Military Readiness (CCMR) and Counseling departments hosted a College Fair on August 30, with more than 1,000 people attending to learn more about post-secondary educational opportunities available across our region, state, and country. 

Held at the Keller Center for Advanced Learning, the KISD College Fair featured more than 65 colleges and universities, in addition to all six branches of the military. Students were able to visit with college representatives, speak with enlisted military representatives, and collect informative brochures and giveaways. 

KISD also breakout sessions which provided families with general financial aid information and Senior Year 101 tips, designed to help navigate the very important final year of high school. 

"We were very excited to offer this opportunity for the students and families in our district," said Marsha Cummins, KISD CCMR Counselor. "Based on the turnout and feedback so far, we hope that it will be the beginning of a new, growing tradition for Keller ISD." 

The College Fair is the first of several events that the CCMR Department has planned over the next few months. High school CCMR coaches will continue scheduling college representative visits and holding financial aid information meetings and FAFSA completion events on each high school campus. There is also a special FAFSA kickoff event scheduled for October 2 at KCAL. 

“The College Fair was a huge success thanks to the collaborative efforts of our CCMR and Counseling Departments and the hard work and dedication of our CCMR Coaches on each high school campus," said Leslee Shepherd, KISD Executive Director of Student Advancement. "I am so proud of the work that they are doing to prepare our students for success in the future and look forward to many more informative sessions for our parents and students. We hope that all of our families will take advantage of these opportunities.”

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A college representative talks to College Fair attendees about opportunities available

A look at several of the college information tables down the main KCAL hallway