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LSES 2nd Grader Honored for 'Adopting' Street

Lone Star Elementary second-grader Bonnie Doyle was recently recognized in the City of Fort Worth's Cowtown Volunteer Connection newsletter for her efforts to take care of her city.

Here's what the newsletter had to say about Doyle:

When Fort Worth resident, Bonnie found out her mom's job was to help keep Fort Worth parks beautiful, she wanted in on the action. The seven-year-old adopted a spot by her school with her family. Bonnie's family takes care of their adopted area by keeping it litter free.

Bonnie wants to encourage others to adopt-a-spot and make the city a better place to live. Adopt-a-spot allows volunteers to take pride in their corner of Fort Worth. Adopters can pick up litter or maintain landscaping and infrastructure in public areas close to them. 

"I pick up litter around my neighborhood and school to make earth a better place," said Bonnie, age 7.

Thank you to Bonnie for volunteering your time going the extra mile to keep our community clean and beautiful!

Bonnie Doyle picks up trash on the street she adopted