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Yearbook Orders

Hello! Central Chargers Students, Parents & Families! 

Now is the cheapest time to buy the yearbook, but you have limited time as the price will continually increase. We start at $75.

>>>>>>> BUY HERE (SEARCH FOR CENTRAL HIGH, TEXAS at the top left):

Senior parents can purchase and create a special yearbook dedication for your student to showcase their achievements for all to see.  There is only a limited number of pages in the yearbook that are designated for senior tribute pages. The final deadline for tributes is November 10th this year.

EARLY BIRD Prices are $80 for a quarter page, $175 for a half page, and $300 for a full page. ****This will go up after the early bird ends, so don't miss out!**** 

>>>>>> Click on the recognition ad option after searching for the school at the top left of the page:

USING THE LINK PROVIDED ABOVE THIS PARAGRAPH, we are going online with the submission and design process of senior tribute ads to allow you to add your own photos and text to the ad itself. This saves us both time and is the preferred method. If you would like to do this, you should wait to purchase your ad until your text and photos are ready. Then, go to buy as normal. It will give you the option to create your ad on the Jostens site. IMPORTANT: We do ask that you avoid using design templates with photos that are NOT squares/rectangles, and also do NOT choose a template with photos at an angle. By creating your ad online this way, you can type the text you want and upload your photos to see your ad immediately. We will edit photo orientation/shape but not other content. 

More information regarding yearbook sales will continue to be sent out periodically.