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Faces Of KISD

Everyone in Keller ISD has a story. This year, we've focused on telling those stories about the exceptional people in our District. Some have overcome difficult obstacles to get where they are, led an effort that produced incredible results, or have just gone out of their way to show kindness.

Check out the features from the 2017-18 school year:

Melanie Rhodes, Keller High School
Growing up as the oldest of seven girls in a poverty-stricken town in the Philippines, Melanie Rhodes wasn’t guaranteed an education beyond the fifth grade, but she has never let that stop her. Now an ESL teacher at Keller High School, Rhodes knows the value of hard work and determination.

Reinaldo Crespo, Timber Creek High School
Walking through the busy halls of Timber Creek High School, senior Reinaldo Crespo blends right in with his fellow students. But until September 2017, Crespo lived in Puerto Rico his whole life and had survived one of the most intense storms in recorded history.

Kathleen Eckert, Hillwood Middle School
It was another typical Friday in May in Keller ISD. The end of the school year was only a week away, students and teachers were wrapping up final projects, thoughts of summer were within reach, and Hillwood Middle School Principal Kathleen Eckert was gearing up for Graduation that very next day. Little did she know the invitation she was about to receive. 

Chad Bahr, Keller ISD Bus Driver
It appears there’s no idle time at the Keller Center for Advanced Learning – for hands, feet, or busses. While Keller ISD high school students are inside working to make their dreams a reality, that same diligence and determination is mirrored outside as one district bus driver inspires many in his quest toward leading a healthier lifestyle. 

Vinnie Crisostomo, Keller-Harvel Elementary School
Johnson Road has been an important traffic artery for the city of Keller for some time, but those driving past Keller-Harvel Elementary before or after the school day, may have noticed a little added heart this school year. Whether he’s dancing in the street, waving at passing cars, or just offering a warm smile, crossing guard Vincent (Vinnie) Crisostomo is bringing his own brand of fun and zeal to his position.

Destiny Green, Indian Springs Middle School
A 2005 Fossil Ridge High School graduate, Destiny (Montemayor) Green has seen her educational career come full circle. This school year, she made her way home to Keller ISD to teach eighth-grade English Language Arts under one of her own high school mentors – Indian Springs Middle School Principal Sandy Troudt. Troudt coached Green in volleyball at FRHS, and describes her as one of the most positive, driven-to-succeed high school athletes she had the opportunity to work with in her career.

David Rische, Early Learning Center North
Each campus principal is unique, and David Rische may be more unique than most. The Principal at Keller ISD’s Early Learning Center North greets students in the morning with his pet raccoon. He opens faculty meetings with magic tricks. And recently, he authored and self-published his third book. 

Jose Sandoval, Independence Elementary
When you enter the doors of Independence Elementary, there’s a sense of pride that you feel right at first glance. In fact, PRIDE is the word to live by for the Independence Mavericks. It stands for Prepared, Respect, Integrity, Determination and Encourage – and Head Custodian Jose Sandoval exhibits those traits daily.

Jessica Chandler, Caprock Elementary
Not all super heroes wear capes, but they are all around us, showing up when we least expect it­­ – spreading kindness to others, helping those in need, taking the time to listen to a friend, or serving as an advocate for those who have yet to find their voice. This is exactly what Caprock Elementary first grade teacher Jessica Chandler did when she made the brave choice to share her story, putting a stop to what she perceived was a negative campus perception and giving less fortunate students a voice – and a chance at success. 

Jeff Fieldhouse, ELC South
When the students at the Early Learning Center South see Jeff Fieldhouse – more commonly known as “Coach” – their faces light up, but the students aren’t the only ones whose lives have been brightened. Over the past few years, Fieldhouse – a PE Teacher and now cancer survivor – has made a lasting impact on his fellow colleagues in Keller ISD, as they witnessed his positive attitude and love for life while he faced his most challenging obstacle.