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Parents On Patrol

The Florence Elementary School Parents on Patrol (POP) is a volunteer program designed to involve parents in the safety and security of our school. The goal of the program is to promote inclusion of parents as stakeholders in their children's educational experience.

The POP program encourages parents, grandparents, and other relatives, to volunteer their time to assist the school by observing and listening on their respective campus, and reporting potential problems and safety concerns to the campus administrator.

POP volunteers essentially become the eyes and ears of the school, reinforcing and augmenting campus safety and security initiatives already in place.

Additionally, the following qualifications must be met to volunteer:
 Submit Volunteer Application and Successfully complete the criminal background check online via the KISD website. 
 Must be a KISD parent, grandparent or relative
 Must be 21 years of age or older

This program can and will serve as an effective way to encourage respectful behavior among students in the hallways, playground, and cafeterias of our schools. Parental involvement will not only raise visibility, but will afford program participants the opportunity to observe firsthand what great things are going on in the life of our school community.

Interested parents are required to submit a volunteer application, pass a background check, and attend an orientation. Volunteers may sign up in half day and full day time slots. Our goal is to have a POP on campus every day.
The POP program differs from the Watch Dog program in that the primary purpose of POP is to provide an active role in safety and security.

The Watch Dog volunteers primarily participated in reading activities, assisted with pickup/drop off, and visit with their child at lunch.

For additional information concerning this program, please contact the Florence Elementary PTA, at