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Lunch Accounts - School Cafe

School Cafe

​​​​Manage your student's lunch account at

  •  ​Manage Your Child's Cafeteria Account​
  •  Apply for Free & Reduced Meal Benefits
  •  View Cafeteria Menus & Nutrition

If you have additional questions regarding your child's lunch acount or need to add restrictions to their account please email Mrs. Marcy at 

*You may need your child's ID number.  This is normally what they use for student ipad sign in or checking out books in the library.  If they do not have this number memorized please work with your child on memorizing it because they will need this for their entire KISD career. Please call the front office for assistance.
Cost of lunch: $2.95
Cost of breakfast: $1.20
Please click on the quicklinks icon for the lunch menu.
You can also contact the Keller ISD Child Nutrition Department 817-744-3980.