• Campus Mascot: Hawks
    Campus Colors: Purple and black​​

    Our Motto: One School. One Family. One Timberview.

    ​​​​Our Mission
    The Timberview Way inspires leadership through exceptional learning experiences and active involvement in our community.
    ​​Our Vision
    Timberview- A community that empowers success through student-centered learning.


    We Value

    Relationships as the foundation for how we teach, learn, work, and play together in a safe, engaging, and caring way;

    Care for our teachers because the impact of their work prepares students for their future;

    Passionate teaching dedicated to content and craft that inspires others;

    Exploration and the pursuit of one’s passion that leads to personal growth;

    Communication and collaboration that strengthens our unity;

    Respect for the diversity of our school community through a culture of understanding and personalized learning opportunities

    The Timberview Experience
    I feel proud.

    I am engaged.

    I feel important.

    I feel safe.

    I have purpose.


    The Timberview Way
    ​​The Timberview Way describes all the behaviors, actions and attitudes that bring about the components of the Timberview Experience.