Severe Weather Campus Dismissal

  • When severe weather impacts KISD campuses and facilities, the following guidelines apply:

    1. Per KISD safety procedures, during severe weather conditions students are brought inside the building and outside activities are suspended.

    2. Campus administration will utilize local media, weather radio and/or internet for the most up-to-date weather information to be used to determine next steps for their campus/facility. 

    3. If an Outdoor Warning Siren sounds, a weather lockdown is immediately initiated. Those in portable buildings move into the school. During a weather lockdown internal/external doors are locked, movement inside is limited, and classroom instruction continues until the lockdown is lifted. Parents are allowed to check out their child during weather lockdown.

    4. If a Tornado Warning has been issued and the campus is in the immediate path of a tornado per the weather resources mentioned above, students and staff will proceed to designated locations and immediately move to a duck-and-cover position. When a campus is in duck-and-cover, parents are allowed to enter the building and take cover in an interior location, but are strongly encouraged not to leave with their student until the weather threat has passed.

    5. In the event of a weather lockdown, campus administration shall utilize the School Messenger System, campus email, and campus web site, and campus social media tools to notify parents.

    6. Campus administration will communicate immediately and frequently with central administration (Leadership, Media Services, and Safety and Security) to report current weather conditions and campus action steps taken through email and/or texting. The decision to shelter students and staff in a KISD facility during severe weather can be made by, but is not limited to the following KISD staff:
      • Campus Principal (or designee)
      • Appropriate District-level Administrator 

    7. KISD Safety and Security
      If a parent chooses to have their child dismissed during severe weather, the District will honor the request as long as the parent has signed a District-approved severe weather release waiver. The waiver is valid for one school year and must be submitted annually. Waiver forms are to be kept on file at the campus. Campuses will provide information about the waiver form through campus newsletters, and will provide a copy of the form to parents upon their request. Walkers will be held unless a waiver is on file.

    8. Bus riders arriving at school during severe weather conditions with lightning strikes visible may be required to remain on the bus for approximately 30 minutes after the last strike.

    9. Bus riders awaiting transportation during severe weather conditions with lightning may be required to remain in the building until it is safe for them to get on the bus.

    10. All student and staff after-school activities, including professional development, faculty meetings, practices, and contests at home and away may be suspended if a severe weather watch is in effect at dismissal time or goes into effect during the time of activity.


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