KellerISD_Link Magazine

  • KellerISD_Link Magazine highlights the District's amazing campuses, students, staff, events, and achievements while further connecting our outstanding schools with our highly supportive community.

    The Spring 2023 issue of the KellerISD_Link Magazine is out now and filled with information and #CelebrateKISD moments you won't want to miss!

    As the school year comes to a close, there are many exciting events happening throughout the district. Take a moment to meet our new Chief Communications Officer, Bryce Nieman, read about the District Teachers of the Year, and learn about how the Keller Compass Center is helping students graduate. 

    You'll also hear from our Superintendent, get to know the Board of Trustees Vice President, and be delighted by the insightful and entertaining comments from our students in the Student Sound-Off section. Additionally, Keller ISD is proud to highlight the thirteen high school students who have been named National Merit Finalists. The Did You Know section is full of valuable resources, from graduation schedules to information on enrolling new students for the 2023-24 school year. It also introduces the new Agriscience Learning Center. 

    Enjoy exploring by clicking on the cover image below!