Keller ISD Letterland - Bringing Literacy to Life

  • Virtual Letterland/Literacy Day (or Week) 2022!

    This year Keller ISD elected to host Letterland/Literacy Day on our Early Learning and Elementary campuses during the week of March 28-April 1st.  This event has been customized by campuses and provides opportunities for our young learners to extend their knowledge of early literacy.

    Throughout the year, campuses host various literacy experiences, such as World Read Aloud Day in February, National Read Across America in early March, Letterland parades, and literacy opportunities during Meet the Teacher, Open House, and PTA meetings.  Keller ISD values literacy and works to provide opportunities throughout the year to highlight the importance of literacy.


  • Extended Learning Opportunity!

    For home and summer literacy fun, we have created a Letterland Choice Board that can be accessed by students and families to extend learning. These activities are organized by letter and have lots of student choice. 

    Virtual Letterland Choice Board Click Here Letterland 


  • Letterland Phonics Online Access

    Keller ISD PreK-2nd grade students that use Letterland in their classrooms have access to the Letterland Phonics Online tool in their Kcloud backpack. This tool provides opportunities for students to explore letter knowledge through animations, stories, songs, and games. 

    Letterland Phonics Online  
    PreK-2 Students –
    Go to your Backpack
    , click on ELA, then click on Letterland Online!

    Or go to your Kcloud account, sign in and type Letterland to search for the tile. 


  • More Ideas from Letterland!

    Want more ideas for remote learning or extensions of literacy? Look at these ideas from the Letterland website!


Letterland Day Videos from 2021