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    Keller ISD is committed to providing exceptional educational resources to help engage students in exceptional educational opportunities. 

    Instructional resources are educational aids or materials intended to be used by all students for instructional purposes. These may include textbooks, online materials, videos, or other media. Books and other resources are also made available to students through campus or classroom libraries. Library books are intended for voluntary use by students as they self-select independent reading materials, and are not intended to be the primary source of instruction. 

    These pages are intended to provide information on the governance of instructional resources, as well as information for those who have questions or want to challenge the appropriateness of resources the District provides to students. Look for more content to be shared to this site in the coming weeks and months. 


    • After feedback from the community, the District has moved to a verbal reminder regarding the expectation of confidentiality as to the identities of challenge committee members at the meetings rather than asking for a signed confidentiality agreement. We implemented this change at the March 8 book challenge meeting.
    • In November, Keller ISD added an additional layer of review at the District level before library books may be purchased.
    • At the February DEIC meeting, a member made the suggestion of adding an additional parent member to the challenge meetings. An additional parent has been added to the March, April, and May book challenge meetings.
    • As of March 11, the District challenge committees have completed work on almost 30 books.
    • The District will assign random numbers to parent/community volunteers prior to each challenge.  Committee members will be selected in numerical order prior to each challenge beginning with the June challenge committees.
    • At the onset of each challenge committee meeting, each member of the committee will be asked to voluntarily identify the group they represent (i.e., school or parent).
    • The Committee Facilitator will identify the concerns of the book and committee discussions include inappropriate language, sexual content, racism, age appropriateness, and all other aspects related to the challenge.
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