• Hello Class of 2024!!!
    We are fast approaching the end of your Junior year and I am already setting my sights on all the fabulous things we get to do together next year. The first big one, Senior Paint.
    Senior Paint is a long-standing tradition here at TCHS where our incoming seniors get the opportunity to paint a reserved spot so that everyone knows that is where your car belongs. In the past we have opened this up to our incoming seniors over the summer. This year we are trying something new.
    The week before finals you will have an opportunity to draw a ticket during your lunch that tells you what your spot is in the purchasing que. Based off of your "lotto ticket" you will be able to come after school on Wednesday the 24th or Thursday the 25th to purchase and pick your spot. At that time we will give you more information regarding Senior Paint and Senior Sunrise.
    A reserved Senior parking spot is $100 and must be painted to indicate that it is reserved to the rest of the student body. If you are not interested in a reserved spot, regular general parking will be available closer to the start of the school year for $50.00.
    If you have any questions please feel free to contact me!


    Kathryn Lange

    Teacher & Senior Sponsor

    Algebra 1
    Timber Creek High School

    P: 817-744-2492